Monday, September 15, 2008

My tears make me strong...

I cried a little at work yesterday when I saw the huge mess on the stage...not on the table...on the floor, on the benches, on the carpet...everywhere but the table.

How it is possible to tear the entire cover off a Star Wars pop-up book?! Could I do it? Even if I physically could, morally I would die. Were there any parents around?! How about a fellow bookseller *ahem* worthless older lady that works every Sunday when we're really busy and stands at the customer service desk reading the new People instead of doing her job *ahem* taking the time to straighten kids and pick up reshelves...let alone helping any customers that may be in that section.

I am totally jealous of my friend Beth who just moved to New York and works and a store in Brooklyn. She says that the leads in her store actually spend a majority of their time in their sections. AMAZING! They aren't covering the cafe and getting yelled at by snots that can't believe they don't know what to write on the friggin' cup when they order a "4 shot dry vanilla cap in a grande mug", or backing up the registers because the newly hired wretched lady is slower than molasses on a winter's day, they are doing what they do best...selling the books they love to sell. How novel...get it,'s a nerdy book joke. :P


Coltrane said...

I'm so sorry Jackie. How does someone tear a cover off any book and think it's ok?

It's nice that we always have leads or a bookseller working in their sections but sometimes they don't always help customers so they come upstairs and complain to us that there is no one there to help them. But at least they get all the zone maintanance done.



"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

I feel your pain. I don't understand how some book damage happens. I mean stealing necklaces is one thing but beating a book to death is another.

Becka said...

People should read this.

Claire said...