Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why are my knees wet?!

So, I walk into kids and see a pile of stuffed animals.  Not that unusual, annoying, but sorta common.  I kneel down in front of them and start putting them back on the shelves they call home.  After I have separated Dora & Diego from the Backyardigans and Wonder Pets, I realize my knees feel wet.  Something has leaked through my pants from the carpet and my knees are wet...hmmm...IT'S URINE!  PEE!  Someone has pissed on the carpet and instead of cleaning it up or telling a bookseller, they covered it up with our stuffed animals...DISGUSTING!
I don't know who did the hiding, hopefully it was a kid who was embarrassed and not an asshole parent, but it is was a kid...WHERE THE EFF WERE HIS/HER PARENTS!?

I tell ya.  FML, F this job.

I had to go home, shower and change.  That should never happen.  I should never encounter human waste.  Puke.


Tyler said...

That's friggin' gross. Can't wait! ^_^

bookalicious said...

OMG, that's disgusting! I work in a bookshop too and we've had a similar accident once, except the parents were decent enough to let us know and apologize; thus, nobody got their goddamn knees wet, jeez!

Despite that, you know it's awesome working in a bookshop. ;)